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Small-panel formwork system
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• Walls • Foundations • Diaphragms • Elevator shafts
• Square columns • Round columns • Tanks
Range of plastic formwork
It is easy to buy plastic formwork with consultation, calculations, documentary support and fast worldwide shipping.
Walls, foundations, swimming pools, lift shafts, diaphragm
Universal shield elements of ABS plastic formwork make it easy to fill a large number of different designs. The geometry of these structures will be ideal.
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Square and rectangular columns of any height
ABS-plastic formwork columns are easily assembled and disassembled. You do not need to have special skills to make the assembly of plastic columns. A column with a height of 3 meters can easily gather 1 working in just 25 minutes.
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Round columns of any height, fast and inexpensive
This is a godsend for builders. Very simple and quick installation. The height of the column is a multiple of the height of the shield element-60cm. Single fill in one go up to 3 m. Excellent result, perfect geometry.
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Several combinations of section sizes from 200
up to 1000 mm
Universal plastic formwork for columns is 16 combinations of the dimensions of the section 10cm increments. The shield height of 60cm. Single fill of 3 meter. The formwork is equipped with coupling screws and nuts.
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The advantages of ABS-formwork

Light-do not need a crane.
The heaviest shield weighs only 11 kg.
Holds a load of 6 tons/m2
Multi-turn - 100 cycles or more.
Concrete does not stick.
Modularity - collected cards of all sizes.
Storage without restrictions.
The perfect geometry of the structures.

Plastic formwork gallery

Plastic formwork is widely used. Various objects of monolithic construction from cottages to high-rise buildings. Objects of residential, commercial, transport infrastructure and others.
We do professional expensive calculation of the plastic casing. Send your request now and get the calculation for FREE.

Projects in any electronic form are accepted for calculation. This can be a project in AutoCAD or PDF files. Can be simply photographed drawings drawn by hand. Formats accepted for the calculation of projects: DWG, PDF, JPG.

Important! Most importantly,that would have been all sizes! Wall length, wall thickness, height of structures.

Frequent question
and answers to them

How much is a square meter of plastic formwork?
The cost per square meter depends on the number of additional elements. The exact cost can be said after calculating the specific plan of capture.
Will plastic withstand high loads?
Yes, the formwork is specially designed for reusable use. ABS techno-polymer which is made from the formwork has enough strength. In addition, the formwork system uses special reinforcement elements. The formwork holds a load of 6 tons / m2.
Is the formwork available or should we wait?
The ready timbering is always available in a warehouse in sufficient volumes. You can order quickly and get your truck.
How long does the planning?
Calculation columns - 5 min. the Calculation is simple wall configuration - 1 day. Calculation of complex wall configuration-2 days.
Is it necessary to lubricate the plastic formwork?
There is no need to lubricate. Concrete doesn't stick to plastic.
Is it possible to rent plastic formwork?
We deal exclusively with the sale of new plastic formwork. Not for rent.
If you have questions, please email us at or contact by phone 8 800 505 1625

Calculation of the cost of ABS-formwork

Our Manager will contact you. Clarify all the details. Will make and send the calculation during the day.
We will do the calculation for FREE,
which costs 45 usd.
We do not share your information and guarantee your privacy.

6 reasons to buy ABS-formwork

We are focused on plastic formwork. We comply with the terms and obligations since 2007. We are trusted by professionals.
A comprehensive assessment of turnover, versatility and speed indicates a low cost of formwork.
Elementary clear installation, a minimum of accessories and low weight, give the maximum speed of construction.
ABS plastic formwork ensures high quality and geometry of the finished monolithic structures.
We do professional ABS formwork calculations according to your drawings. You will get as much formwork as you need.
We work transparently and honestly. We agree on everything "on the shore". No misunderstandings and hidden charges.
To order ABS-formwork
Our manager will contact you. Clarify all the details. Will make and send the calculation during the day.
We do not share your information and guarantee your privacy.
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You can buy aluminum formwork. But, then you will not know all the benefits and advantages of plastic formwork. Also, you can buy metal formwork. And then you have to think about lifting equipment to move it around the object. You will have to think about the restoration of aluminum and steel formwork, because the turnover of these formwork depends on the plywood that is used there. The average turnover of even the best birch laminated plywood, an average of 25-30 cycles. A plastic formwork will serve 100 cycles or more, with proper operation. Of course, you can buy laminated plywood and make formwork out of it. It will be very expensive. But, firstly the geometry of such formwork leaves much to be desired, and secondly the speed of installation is much lower. And if you build constantly and a lot, then in the end, even laminated plywood will be more expensive than plastic formwork based on the total cost of materials for 100 cycles of monolithic works. You decide!
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